I’m a creative, sensual, friendly confident girl. I love goof around and be funny, adicted to Anime, video games, food, wine tequila and sex.

Turns on : Respect and have them respect my rules, be trated with respect, to be obeyed. Random subjects conversations. Plants and being outdoor (Specially if it’s a sunny day), listening to music all day long, reading and whatching movies (horror or suspense are my fav.) Board games.

Turns off : People who keep pushing after I say NO! Being yelled at or spoken to rudely. I HATE lies and false expectations (I’m no fool). cold showers, sea food, the color orange, latin music, Anal sex. Intese pain. Stress, anger and negativity (fuck bad energies!)

The last time I was online : 2024-01-31 13:37:50

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Stream Quality : 8


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